Contact Us: 613-277-6449
Contact Us: 613-277-6449

Care navigation and advocacy

With the right care, at the right time you can establish and maintain effective care strategies that really work, where ever it is you call home.  Finding the practical care and support you need can be challenging, but once in place, it can enhance the overall well-being of those receiving care, as well as their caregivers.   

With our calm, effective problem solving abilities and knowledge of the local care industry, we can guide you in establishing and maintaining effective care strategies that are flexible, responsive and really make a difference for all involved.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

You want to prolong your independence at home, but not sure who can provide you with the reliable assistance or attention you need in order to do so?

You are a spouse or adult child responsible for the care of a loved one at home, but not sure where to start, who to trust, and are feeling overwhelmed by the details and unsure about your decisions?  

You need a short-term solution until you can more thoughtfully consider other options and implement more permanent arrangements?   

You live elsewhere, but are worried about the well-being of a parent or a loved one?  Who can you work with to help ensure your loved one’s needs are being met, that they are receiving the respect they deserve and that someone actually cares?

Regardless of the scenario, our care navigation and advocacy service acts quickly and intelligently to help prioritize services, find solutions and monitor effectiveness.   Whether seeking an immediate solution, or developing a longer term plan, we will listen closely, thoughtfully and act in your or your loved one’s best interest.

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People Say the Nicest Things....

« I have been working with Jennifer for the past year. She helped us find a retirement residence where we could get appropriate, evolving assistance in dealing with my wife’s deteriorating medical condition. Since we moved, she has continued to assist in locating and securing additional services.

I have found Jennifer very professional, efficient, accessible, empathetic and caring. She has served me well as a sounding board and kept me optimistic and focused. I now consider Jennifer to be a mentor as well as a good friend.

Robert Cope