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Contact Us: 613-277-6449

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Senior housing and relocation assistance

By choice or necessity, your patient may be thinking of downsizing to a smaller home or seeking accommodation in a supportive living environment.Β  With hundreds of housing options and retirement communities to choose from, how will they know they are making the right choice, and how will they get there?

Our caring and knowledgeable senior housing and relocation specialists work with your patient each step of the way to find the best fit possible. When guiding them in their choices, we consider the independent living support or care needs they require, level of affordability over time, proximity to family and services, cultural or linguistic preferences, among other factors.

Even when a new home has been identified, we don’t stop there. As needed, we will continue to work with your patients to coordinate their move, prepare the home for sale, redistribute unneeded articles, and resettle them once they arrived.

Your patients and their family members, can have confidence in Age Well Solutions to offer them the unbiased and professional guidance and practical assistance they need each step of the way.

Solutions start with conversations. Refer your patient for an initial, no cost consultation.

Care navigation and advocacy

Your patient wants to stay at home as long as possible but needs help to do so safely, and to meet their changing needs over time.

A caregiver is committed to caring for a loved one at home, but needs support finding different services at different times, or making decisions they can feel confidant about.

An adult child lives out of town, and is concerned about the well-being of their parent.

Age Well Solutions is listening and capable of helping your patients, their caregivers, or family members living elsewhere, navigate through the care options available and advocate on their behalf.

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