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Dementia-Friendly Professional™ Training

“Protect your clients. Protect your practice.”

One in 4 persons over the age of 80, will experience some degree of cognitive change.  This risk increases to 1 in 3 over the age of 85.   With the leading edge of the Baby Boomers turning 75 this year, coupled with increasing and unprecedented longevity, we must prepare to deliver exceptional service, guidance and risk management to one of the wealthiest age cohorts ever, and their loved ones.  Becoming a Dementia Friendly Professional (DFP™) will help you meet these needs and set you apart.  Protect your clients.  Protect your practice.

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Module Description CE Credits

Module 1:  Understanding the risk

The urgency and need to prepare
Making the connection: dementia and FMC (Financial Management Capacity)


Module 2: Bridging the gap

Capacity and supportive decision-making 1.0

Module 3: Advisor competency & professional standards

Knowledge and communication strategies
Balancing advocacy and privacy


Module 4: Practice operations & client relationships

Process and Best Practices
Client communication


DFP Proficiency Test

Earn your personalized DFP certificate
50 questions. 80% required to pass. Open book test.

4.25 CE credits available, including 4.25 ethics credits
Online registration fees will be additional.

Proficiency Test and Certificate
A 50 question, on-line proficiency test (open book) to earn your personalized, DFP certificate


Delivering Service Excellence to Aging Clients & Families

Jennifer Moir, Age Well Solutions and Brent Vandermeer, CrossPoint Financial | iA Private Wealth, discuss some important topics such as longevity planning, encouraging conversations with family members in advance, the five stages of care giving, housing challenges that the aging population faces, how will your investments be used to sustain changes in expenses levels, and more about how to ensure we’re prepared for that next phase of life.

What is the Dementia-Friendly Professional Training Program?

The Dementia-Friendly ProfessionalTM training program consists of four modules offering a comprehensive approach to building advisor competency and preparedness to work more effectively with aging clients at risk of dementia or experiencing cognitive function. The modules combine knowledge with practical strategies to better understand, anticipate, and serve clients with changing cognition, while minimizing your risk as an advisor.

Why should I take the program?

Some of your most valued clients are aging, and there is a growing Call-To-Action for financial service professionals to increase their knowledge and competency about this age cohort’s specific personal and financial risks, including the risk of changing cognition with age. The DFPTM prepares financial services professionals to deliver on a Duty of Care inherent in their professional standards of practice and to start planning how to implement and operationalize their commitment to both protect their clients, protect their practice even when cognitive change may be occurring.

Each module has been CE accredited by The Institute thereby also helping advisors to satisfy important ongoing, educational requirements.

Can I take just one module or do I have to take all four?

Advisors can select to participate in only the module(s) of greatest interest to them, but they are strongly encouraged to register for all four for a complete and more meaningful learning experience. The modules have been designed to give you foundational knowledge about changing cognition and financial management capacity, as well as practical strategies, policy and procedure guidelines for your business. The opportunity to be complete the proficiency test and to be recognized as DFP™ is contingent on having completed all four modules. Each module has been CE accredited.

A price incentive has been made available to those who register at the same time, for all four modules.

Who can write the proficiency test and why would I choose to do so?

Advisors completing all four DFP™ modules are then eligible to complete the DFP™ proficiency test and earn their personalized DFP™ certificate. This achievement sends a clear message to some of their most valued and asset rich clients who are aging, and to prospects of a similar profile, that you are ready and interested in working efficiently and compassionately with them during this next stage of life.

Who delivers the training sessions?

Currently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, all modules are delivered in a webinar format by an experienced and knowledgeable instructor from Age Well Solutions. We have made it as easy and comfortable as possible to make this critical investment in your ability to better serve your aging clients and their families, and to both prepare and protect your business.

Are there any additional benefits or advantages to becoming a DFP™?

Absolutely! When you become a DFP™ you will be joining a community of other caring and competent professionals and have access to an on-line DFP™ Resource Centre, as well as receive periodic newsletters with helpful tips and updates. The anticipated launch date of this resource centre is the summer of 2020. Good things are happening to support you, your clients and your business, and you do not want to miss out.

What is the Dementia-Friendly Practice™ and how is it different from the Dementia-Friendly Professional™?

When ready, our Dementia-Friendly Practice™ consultants will work with you and your firm to implement and operationalize your dementia-friendly commitment. You have invested in yourself as a professional, now it is time to invest in your practice too. We will coach you through from early communication with your clients of your DFP™ commitment, through to integrating policies and procedures into your practice including Trusted Contact Persons and the Advocacy and Escalation process, as well as how to leverage your DFP™ status for market differentiation and business development purposes.

What are the costs?

For $250.00 (incl HST) you will:
• Complete all four learning modules and earn 4.25 CE credits
• Write the proficiency test and earn your personalized DFP certificate
• Gain access to the DFP Resource Centre with valuable, quality information and ready-to-go marketing materials to support you and your clients
• Receive periodic bulletins and helpful tips
• Access to a dedicated and professional team to answer questions or to offer helpful guidance for your business


Complete individual modules – $49.00 (+HST) each.

Write the proficiency test – $55.00 (+HST)

Is the DFP™ a one-time investment?

The knowledge gained from the program will always be yours and for the first year after earning your DFP™ you will benefit from having access and use of the DFP logo, the DFP Resource Centre and receipt of information bulletin and tips.

After your first year as a DFP™, you will have the option to renew your DFP™ standing and benefits.

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