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Uncover the Opportunities in Your Practice – Session 4

Uncover the Opportunities in Your Practice – Session 4

Thu, Nov 17, 2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Understanding Your Opportunity & Risk

Preparing a roadmap for success when working with aging clients and families

Understanding the specific opportunities and risks inherent in your practice is key to ensuring your future and ongoing success working with older clients and families and minimizing certain risks along the way.

Completing a practice profile is your first step to giving you the insight needed to design a service offering that is effective, compelling and makes sense for your practice.  With the right approach and strategy in place, advisors can solidify client loyalty, engage with next generation decision makers, meet industry expectations, and attract new clients… all high value outcomes for your clients and your practice.

During the “Preparing a Roadmap for Success” session, advisors will learn:

  • what key client characteristics to focus on when creating a practice profile for the purpose of designing an appropriate service offering for aging clients and families;
  • the later life events most closely associated with age and other key demographic variables – useful in establishing “advance planning” timeframes, service and marketing initiatives;
  • three service levels that advisors can adopt as a framework for their own practice;
  • about ready to deliver, affordable supports and partnership options to help them pivot quickly and easily.


About Jennifer Moir

Founder of Age Well Solutions (2015) Jennifer is a committee member of the Seniors Expert Advisory Council (Ontario Securities Committee), an Elder Planning Counselor, Certified Health Specialist, Relocation and Transition Specialist and founder of the Dementia-Friendly ProfessionalTM (DFP) training program for financial service professionals.

With over 25 years of working with aging adults and the professionals who serve them, Jennifer and her team are uniquely positioned to provide financial services professionals with the knowledge and insight needed to offer exceptional service and advice to some of their most valued and long-term clients.  From balancing privacy and advocacy in the face of dementia, ensuring compliance with new professional standards linked to vulnerable investors, or delivering whole-person, whole-family advice to aging adults, Age Well Solutions offers vital guidance that helps advisors protect their clients and ensure their practice thrives.

Jennifer lives in Ottawa, has two children, and enjoys a variety of sporting activities including cycling and golf.

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