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Dementia-Friendly Professional (Intro Course)

Dementia-Friendly Professional (Intro Course)

Thu, Dec 1, 2022 - Fri, Dec 2, 2022
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

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Dementia-Friendly ProfessionalTM (Introductory Program)

Protect your clients, protect your practice.

One in four persons over the age of 80 will experience some degree of cognitive change impacting their financial management capacity and decision-making abilities.  As a trusted advisor, balancing advocacy and privacy is a commitment to client service excellence and sound business practices that will protect your clients and your practice.

The Dementia Friendly Professional (DFPTM) introductory program is your starting point to meeting not only new regulatory requirements, but a growing expectation among aging clients to advocate and prolong their participation in financial matters, without compromising their or their loved ones’ long term security.  The DFP gives you the knowledge, tools and confidence to do so.

DFP Introductory Session                        *not for DFP designation purposes

Part 1:    Thursday, December 1st        1PM EST – 4PM EST

Part 2:    Friday, December 2nd           2PM EST – 4PM EST

EPC Members:  $129 +HST     Non-members $159 +HST

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  • Understand the link between the aging brain, changing financial management capacity and the related risks;
  • Identify behavioural indicators, communication and response strategies so you can better engage and work with clients and family members along the entire dementia spectrum;
  • Learn about new “vulnerable investor” regulatory updates that impact your business including Trusted Contact Person information and temporary holds;
  • Review best practice guidelines and precedence so you can confidently balance advocacy and privacy including, client engagement techniques, escalation protocols and documentation,
  • Create a Dementia Friendly PracticeTM:  framework and resources;
  • Learn about next steps in becoming a Dementia-Friendly Professional TM    


About Jennifer Moir

Founder of Age Well Solutions (2015) Jennifer is a committee member of the Seniors Expert Advisory Council (Ontario Securities Committee), an Elder Planning Counselor, Certified Health Specialist, Relocation and Transition Specialist and founder of the Dementia-Friendly ProfessionalTM (DFP) training program for financial service professionals.

With over 25 years of working with aging adults and the professionals who serve them, Jennifer and her team are uniquely positioned to provide financial services professionals with the knowledge and insight needed to offer exceptional service and advice to some of their most valued and long-term clients.  From balancing privacy and advocacy in the face of dementia, ensuring compliance with new professional standards linked to vulnerable investors, or delivering whole-person, whole-family advice to aging adults, Age Well Solutions offers vital guidance that helps advisors protect their clients and ensure their practice thrives.

Jennifer lives in Ottawa, has two children, and enjoys a variety of sporting activity including cycling and golf.

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